Consulting Solutions for Business Development
and Government Relations

Business Development, and Growth Opportunities:

Using its in depth experience at a variety of enterprises, Gansett Partners provides customized business growth strategies for client firms. Our experience ranges from projects such as the development of a "profit center" at federally-subsidized railroad Amtrak, to instrumental work on the development of competitive retail energy markets in a variety of states. In the precious metals industry, Gansett's founder, Patrick Jeffery, produced market research and business development activity for feedstock sources for one of the world's largest gold refineries, with an estimated value of $200 million annually.

Patrick has also worked on business development matters for a regional real estate development firm, Waste Management (the largest waste disposal/recycling company in the USA), and a variety of start-up companies.

Government Relations and Growth:

Increasingly, the road to business development runs through government regulation. Companies seeking to exploit new markets and expand in existing markets, are stymied by unexpected new regulatory requirements. In this environment, companies are unable to plan and execute new business strategies due to the threat of potentially harmful legislation. To operate effectively, businesses not only need to understand increasingly complex current law but also what potential future regulatory risks exist at the state, federal, and international levels. This is particularly true for energy, transportation, waste management, and financial services industries -- some of the most regulated business segments in today's economy. However, in today's business climate, new government regulations or legislation often provide new business opportunities--Gansett also seeks to develop business value when government action provides such opportunities.

Gansett has decades of advocacy experience in both regulatory and legislative arenas, and we provide tailor-made advocacy strategies to our clients on a regular basis. Please contact Gansett Partners directly for more specific information on the capabilities and experience of the Gansett Partners group.