About Us

Gansett Partners provides business development, government relations, and subject matter expertise in the following industries:

When additional expert experience is warranted on specific projects, Gansett relies on a variety of subject matter experts ("SMEs") we partner with, on a case-by-case basis.


Why Choose Gansett Partners?

Bridging the Gap Between Business Development and Government Relations:

Many consulting firms provide services focused only on government relations, with a limited understanding of growth drivers for client businesses. Other consulting firms provide sales services, without understanding the potential regulatory risks attendant with sales activity in many of today's heavily regulated industries.

When Patrick Jeffery noticed these trends, he founded Gansett Partners to bridge this gap, by enabling Gansett to provide customized business growth solutions for clients in various business sectors.

When additional specific expertise is warranted on particular projects, Gansett partners with variety of trusted subject matter experts ("SMEs"), on a case by case basis.

Founder's Experience:

Patrick Jeffery, Gansett Partners' founder and Principal, brings over 25 years of business development and government relations experience in a variety of roles, ranging from product placement and creation of a unique "profit center" at Amtrak, America's intercity rail passenger network, to business development work for one of the world's leading gold refineries. Patrick has also worked in other business roles, including chief executive and owner of multiple startup companies, as well as positions at FTSE 100 and Fortune 200 companies. Patrick holds an undergraduate degree in Political Science, and in 2015 he received a Masters degree in Transportation Management.


Unique Breadth of Government Relations Experience:

While many government relations professionals specialize in state or federal issues only, Patrick has worked in state, federal, and international venues on a variety of government relations issues over the last 25 years, creating a unique breadth of experience in government relations practice, from local to international issues. Such experience is critical when various issues become regulated by different jurisdictions simultaneously, as is increasingly the case in the modern business climate.


Here are some highlights of Patrick's experience (please contact Gansett Partners directly if interested in further detail).